Plastic waste-management is becoming a significant environmental problem in India and around the globe. Converting plastic-waste to fuel is an economically and environmentally beneficial solution that is gaining traction worldwide. The fuel derived from plastic is a cleaner burning fuel than conventional ones owing to the low content of sulphur.

  • 50 Billion plastic bags used each year
  • 13 Million MT of plastic leak into the ocean each year
  • 17 Million barrels of oil used for plastic production each year
  • 1 Million plastic bottles bought every minute
  • 1 Lakh marine animals killed by plastics each year
  • 100 years for plastic to degrade in the environment 
  • 90% of bottled water found to contain plastic particles
  • 83% of tap water found to contain plastic particles
  • 50% of consumer plastics are single use
  • 10% of all human-generated waste is plastic according to 73rd UN General Assembly
  • 26,000 tons per day plastic waste produced in India.
  • 9,400 tons non-recyclable plastic waste per day in India 
  • Landfills unable to accommodate waste in all major cities


✓  Reuse of plastic for fuel reduces its carbon footprint

✓  95-97 % carbon credit as it reduces consumption of fossil fuel

✓  Diverts plastic from going into ocean and landfills

✓  Cleaner recovery of chemical energy in the waste than burning

✓  Lower emissions of dioxins

✓  Better overall energy efficiency

✓  No toxic residue produced during the conversion process

✓  Fuel is higher quality than that supplied from refineries (no sulphur content)

✓  Demand in India: 7.5 Million Tonnes/ Annum


We envision being the gold standard for plastic-to-oil technology through our robust fundamentals in science and process engineering. We strive to be the go-to innovators for patentable technologies that improve quality and efficiency of plastic-to-fuel technologies.


Preventing contamination of our land, water and air through green technologies.

We must take first important steps to finally bid goodbye to plastic waste.

If we get this right – if we win the battle against plastic pollution – it will not only be a tangible victory for people and planet, but a clear example of how the United Nations is relevant to the lives of citizens around the world.

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