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Salient Features Of Our Plant


Whereas all existing waste plastic to oil plants in India and globally are batch plants, ours in a fully automated continuous process optimized for safety and high yield.  This design is easily scalable to processing 30 to 100 tons of post-consumer use mixed plastic waste.



Output from our robust process can partially or completely replace fossil fuel feedstock for manufacturing circular plastics. This process known as advanced chemical recycling is being aggressively pursued by petrochemical companies. However, a major challenge is to generate oil with low contamination of heteroatoms such as halogens, nitrogen, sulphur, metals etc. Our oil has been exhaustively tested by several global and Indian petrochemical companies with promising results in manufacturing circular polymers. We are the first plastic-to-oil plant in India with ISCC-PLUS certification for supply of pyrolysis oil for advanced chemical recycling. Our oil can also be used as a clean alternative to fossil fuels wherein oil with low chlorine and sulphur content is required.



Continuous waste plastic to oil plants recently being installed in Europe and USA are struggling to work with dirty and mixed plastic. However, our technology can tolerate dirty mixed plastic waste obtained from municipal waste collection. We have successfully tested more than 300 samples from available sources of plastic waste in Navi Mumbai (plastic aggregators and dump yards) in our pilot lab-scale plant in the past 4 years and >5000 tons of mixed plastic waste from dump-yards in our operational demo plant. In addition, we have processed all kinds of waste in our demo plant including legacy waste. biomedical waste, solar panel waste, and electrical cables waste.



Our technology consumes less energy, yet provides higher waste-to-oil conversion efficiency. A head-to-head comparison of the most advanced competing technology to our technology demonstrated the value added by our improved and patented technology.



The energy requirement of the plant is produced within the process. The technology will also incorporate electricity generation to meet the plant’s needs.



Desperate governments around the world are resorting to incineration/co-processing in cement-kilns for removing plastic waste. However, these technologies are environmentally polluting and are associated with >1800 kg of CO2 per ton of plastic processed respectively. Converting plastic to oil has proven to be more economically viable and environmentally friendly compared to incineration and gasification. SOx, NOx and CO are way lower compared to food processors or institutions such as hospitals or colleges. Since pyrolysis is conducted in an atmosphere devoid of oxygen (for example, in FEET’s process N2 atmosphere is maintained in the reactors), dioxins are not produced in waste-plastic-to-oil process. This is confirmed by the US department of energy’s detailed report on emissions from a plastic waste to fuel plant and emissions from our plant in Palghar are similar.



We have followed the highest safety standards considering the inherent fire hazards in a waste-plastic-to-oil plants. We have obtained applicable regulatory clearance for our first plant.



The technology and process has been developed by highly talented technocrats, who intend to solve environmental issues with state-of-the-art technologies.

The Atmnirbharta is from concept to commercialization and all equipment and piping have been fabricated and installed at site while few key components were made to order from nearby indian vendors. The utility, electrical and control are also indegenous.


Our technology is patented in India. Patent has been granted for an invention entitled “AN IMPROVED PROCESS FOR CONVERSION OF PLASTIC WASTE TO FUEL” for the term of 20 years from the 10th day of December 2020 in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act,1970. The patent is granted to Kamlesh Madanlal Gupta, who is the CEO of Five Elements Environmental Technologies and Kavita Madanlal Gupta, who is one of the founders of Five Elements Environmental Technologies.

Validated Scale-Up of Technology in Operational Demo Plant:

We have scaled up our patented technology and setup our own demonstration plant

Our plastic-to-oil plant is an edge over many global solutions: processes mixed flexible plastic waste from dump yards (including legacy waste)  

Continuous scalable design

Energy efficient because of several heat recoveries built into the process

Dry preprocessing

No heavy wax residue that pose disposal issues 

Automated novel in-house reactor designs

Modular design for processing capacities ranging from 7 TPD to 30 TPD 

Pyrolysis oil met specifications when tested by several global and Indian petrochemical companies for advanced chemical recycling. 

The plant is certified by ISCC-PLUS.

2kg per Hour Pilot Plant:

A 2kg/hour lab-scale pilot plant has been operating since Feb 2020. We have successfully tested more than 100 samples from available sources of plastic waste in Navi Mumbai (plastic aggregators and dump yards)

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