Key Differentiators of Our Technology

Continuous Scalable Plant Design

All existing plastic waste-to-oil plants are batch plants. This means that the operation is started in the morning and paused at the end of the day. However, ours is a continuous automated plant which can process without pausing. The advantages of this design are:

1. Increased capacity
2. High efficiency
3. Lower cost
4. Ease of scalability with much lower cost

Increased Capacity 

Existing plants around the globe operate at <10 tons/day, with most plants at 200 Kg to 1 ton/day capacity. Because of our innovative design that allows continuous operation, we are able to process at the scale of 30 tons plastic waste per day in our first plant itself.


Clean Distilled Product

Existing plastic waste-to-oil plants are unable to distill the final product because of their small capacity. They produce fuel-oil which cause high environmental pollution. Our environmentally friendly process is designed to distill the final product. Our fuel product will provide a clean alternative to fuel-oil used in industry. Moreover, our process is clean with no heavy residue or coal tar produced. On the contrary, existing technologies in the market are producing 30% heavy residue product which are problematic for disposal.

Quality of Oil Produced

The product is distilled clean fuel which differentiates our technology from the run of mill pyrolysis plants presently operating. We are one step above whatever is presently available

Can Process Mixed Plastic

Companies around the world are struggling to maintain continuous operation because of sub-optimal quality of input plastic waste. We have solved the problems arising from mixed plastic contaminated with non-desired types of plastic. Our lab-scale proof-of-concept R&D plant has been operating for >3 years using mixed plastic waste sourced from dump yards and waste aggregators in Mumbai. 

Self Sufficient in Energy

  • No external energy used
  • Gaseous fractions produced is used for heating in the process 
  • Can generate electricity for the plant locally

Extra Care in the Design

  • Nox and Sox sensors in the chimney to ensure.
  • Zero waste-water generated
  • Moisture incoming with the waste plastic is also treated through an effluent treatment plant

Novel Reactor

We have designed the reactor in-house to improve heat efficiency. Our patent-pending novel reactor design maximizes heat transfer coefficient and incorporates waste heat recovery system.

Highest Safety Standards


  • Level1 HAPOP Study at all critical stages
    • Plant compliant with System Integrity Level 2
    • Equipment design to follow ASME section VIII Div 1 Codes
    • Electrical design to follow ATEX Area Class 1
    • Smoke and heat detectors
    • Automatic spray system
    • Foam system

Environment Friendly

  • No hazardous waste produced
  • Flue gas scrubbing system to meet the European norms for flue gas released from stack (30 meter high).

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